The actual system of carton board distribution in Europe requires a new model

The actual system of carton board distribution for the packaging market is not yet organized to fulfill customers’ needs.

Growing request of

just in time delivery

Year after year the request of just in time delivery has been constantly growing, but no one has yet created an efficient system able to follow this market development.

Small quantity


The trend of carton board market leads to the need of orders of always smaller quantities and this causes difficulties to the big carton board producers.

Just in time


The carton board market is demanding quicker delivery times and the actual distribution model cannot fulfill this need. 

Birth of a new model

In order to cope with the market trends Comart and F.lli Rotta decided to combine their forces by creating a new company called ProntoPack.

The new company is the umbrella of the two firms and will promote the services in the European market.

The new company will offer dedicated services to selected partners considered «strategic»

The aim is to become a “Reliable partner for cartonboard distribution in Europe”

Long Term Perspective

ProntoPack can give a long term perspective about the supplying forecast, updated on regular basis.

Flexible Production

Commitment to balance the production for the selected partners whenever needed.

Logistic Solutions

ProntoPack, exploiting different warehouses can always assure the best service at
the most competitive price.

Dedicated Stock

ProntoPack offers dedicated stock providing logistic services and stock maintenance.

Sheeting Service

ProntoPack can help sheeting the material in order not to lose opportunity on the market when mill sheeting capacity is full.

Strong Marketing

ProntoPack will offer marketing and communication services specifically designed for the fragmented part of the market (branding, fairs, events, etc..)

Dedicated Service

Converters operating in a multinational context may need a local service structured according to a group logic. ProntoPack can act locally interfacing the converter headquarter needs.

A new model for european distribution

A complete European coverage in term of salesforce, logistic and sheeting operations

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